Bentley Manchester

Supercar Driver Club Breakfast Meet

On Saturday 17th January, Bentley Manchester was delighted to welcome Supercar Driver Club to our showroom for a morning of bacon sandwiches, hot drinks and lots of socializing. It wasn’t just an ordinary gathering though as an eight-tone tank led 30 supercars on a three-mile convoy before they arrived.

The super tank, which has a top speed of 60mph, led the procession for three miles through the town of Knutsford attracting waves and cheers from bystanders. Starting at the Rolls Royce Motor Cars showroom, the supercars - which included Porsches, Lamborghinis and Ferraris - travelled to Bentley Manchester on Mobberley Road.

Co-founder of Supercar Driver Club, Adam Thorby said: “Lots of people were waving and there were some bewildered people. You don’t often see a tank driving through the streets on a winter’s morning.” The cold weather was the perfect time to take their supercars out for a slow and steady drive. Adam, 29, added: “It’s just a chance to meet up with everyone and have a natter really, but this time the tank was a real highlight.”

Manchester-born racing champion Oliver Webb was also spotted taking part in the morning drive. Webb, who has just won the Dubai 24-hour race, drove the three miles in his Porsche Turbo.

It was a fantastic morning and we are very much looking forward to doing many more events with Supercar Driver Club in the future.